Wait – and See

Wait – and See

A breathtakingly beautiful glimpse at the praying mantis

Publication date: May 24, 2022

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Candlewick Press | 32 page Hardcover |       ISBN: 978-1536216318

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Kirkus review

An invitation to embody the attributes of a praying mantis: stillness, awareness, patience, calm, and focus.
Frost and Lieder continue their collaboration with a paean to the fascinating creature that is the Chinese praying mantis. The book invites readers to sharpen their observation skills in order to appreciate the marvels of the elusive little creature.
Children will undoubtedly feel compelled to make up fun stories for these personality-filled creepy-crawlies. Of particular note is a crystal-clear photo of praying mantis nymphs emerging from their cocoon. A closing author’s note describes the life cycle of praying mantises.
A reminder of the wonders we can see in nature if we slow down and pay attention
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