Among a Thousand Fireflies

Among a Thousand Fireflies

An invocation of magic
and wonder

Among a Thousand Fireflies cover

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Candlewick Press | Hardcover | 32 pages         ISBN: 978-0763676421

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A fine review from Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing!

“Book shows sweet, alien love stories unfolding in our backyards.
Lieder brings us his most evocative and technically accomplished photography yet, shooting fireflies under nearly impossible light, blending long exposures of fireflies on the wing with pin-sharp macrofocus shots, for a series of photos that will make you gasp with delight and personalize the mysterious lights of the night in a way like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

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Starred review from Kirkus

“In Frost and Lieder’s third exploration of tiny creatures taken for granted in the natural world, they top themselves, lyrically centering on a firefly’s search for a mate.
Again, Frost’s spare poem weds seamlessly with Lieder’s transfixing photography…”

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From the Horn Book

“Frost and Lieder collaborate on a third picture book, featuring a poem by Frost illustrated with Lieder’s luminous photographs.
The blend of science, gentle poetry, and spectacular photography will make children long for a warm summer night perfect for firefly gazing.”

A nice note from Heather Torre

“I discovered your photography thru the library where I work. We just got in “AMONG A THOUSAND FIREFLIES”, which is absolutely magical. I have always loved fireflies so much.
I figured I’d better just purchase your work or I’d be too tempted to cut out pictures from the book!”

Heather Torre

“Lieder’s photographs are paired with Frost’s poetry to create an invocation of magic and wonder.”  –  The Book Beat

FIREFLIES is on ALA’s Notable Children’s Books Discussion List!

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Starred review from School Library Journal

“This simple, delightful story of two fireflies finding each other among thousands is sure to enchant children.
VERDICT: This enthralling look at fireflies will be enjoyed by all who read it.”

A Magical World of Moonlight & Fireflies

“If this is a picture book for young children, then we are all young children. Yes, it’s short–it can be read in a few minutes–and yes, the story is simple–about how a firefly finds her mate through his pattern of flashes. And yes, it’s a picture book.

But what pictures! They are all beautiful night scenes with darkness and moonlight and fireflies on grasses and flowers and in flight. Two of the photographs show flower petals shining with amazing brightness from the light of the fireflies on them.

The photographs create a magical night world that will awe any child or adult. The book taught me things I didn’t know about fireflies and how they find mates, but the pictures are the reason for buying it. I think almost anyone would be happy to own it, especially those like me who love to watch fireflies on a summer night.”
– Jiffy on Amazon

From A Library of Reviews

“It’s always nice to peek into the world of other creatures. We truly don’t know how hard it is sometimes being so small in a big world and we often forget that it can be wondrous.
Overall, a beautiful book on fireflies and the way they connect. I guess in a way, it’s almost similar to humans. We’re all looking for the one Among a Thousand Fireflies.”

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