A portrait of a Sandhill crane family

Publication date: April 9, 2019

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Candlewick Press | Hardcover | 32 pages           ISBN: 978-0763698584

• HELLO, I’M HERE! Book Launch •
Saturday April 27, 2019 at the Book Beat Bookstore from 2-4 PM
26010 Greenfield, Oak Park, MI 48237

All book buyers receive a free original drawing!
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HELLO, I’M HERE! • News & Reviews

Starred review from Kirkus

“Parents and offspring unite in this arresting portrait of a crane family. The fifth collaboration between Frost and Lieder (Wake Up!, 2017, etc.), more than any of their prior ventures showcasing tiny creatures from the animal and insect world, here focuses on the tender familial relations of one species: the sandhill crane.
In clever counterpoint to Lieder’s stunning close-ups, Frost’s wee verse protagonist starts telling its tale while still in the egg.
Lieder’s silhouettes capture the chick’s dogged determination to make its presence known as well as its tentative first movements.
With yet another seamless marriage of verse and image, readers will hope Frost and Lieder’s creative union continues as long as that of their happily wed sandhill subjects. “
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Booklist review

“In their fifth picture-book collaboration, poet Frost and photographer Lieder offer young listeners a childlike narration from the hatchling’s point of view, illustrated with captivating glimpses of its first experiences. Frost’s short, rhyming verses help listeners imagine what the chick might hear, see, feel, and think. Often riveting and sometimes touching, Lieder’s beautifully lit photographs work well with the expressive text. A pleasing picture book that reads aloud well.”
• Carolyn Phelan

The Wall Street Journal

“Through jaunty rhymes and eloquent photographs, children ages 2 to 5 get to accompany a pair of Sandhill crane chicks from egg to fresh air in “Hello, I’m Here!
Near the end, there’s a touching juxtaposition of youth and maturity. On one page, full-grown cranes fly overhead; on the other, one of the babies lifts an inquisitive head: “Hundreds of voices fill the sky. How dit those birds learn to fly?”
• Meghan Cox Gurdon

Kids Ink Bookstore, Indianapolis, IN

“Told in verse, Hello, I’m Here! is an up-close view of the first weeks in the life of a Sandhill Crane.
The photos beautifully accompany the poetry written by Ms. Frost and both are engaging enough to hold the attention of any child.
If seeking more knowledge about the cranes, a brief description is included in the back of the book.”
• Karen Riester

School Library Journal

“This author-illustrator pair have teamed up for a number of beautiful celebrations of the natural world, but this might be the most enchanting one yet.
Striking photographs taken in the marshy world where cranes nest accompany Frost’s short poem.”
“Perfectly matched text and images make this a grand entrance.”

HELLO, I’M HERE! Book Launch

“The book launch for HELLO, I’M HERE! will be held at the Book Beat on Saturday April 27, 2019 from 2-4 PM.
Rick Lieder and Helen Frost will be speaking and signing copies of their newly published book.
Rick will give an original drawing to everyone purchasing a copy of the book.”

StylishModernMotherhood Review

“A poetic book that vividly portrays a newborn sandhill crane as it takes its first steps into the world is bursting with charm & sweetness.
My little one & I have a blast learning how the baby sandhill crane is looking for food, wanting to fly or is curious about his new world.
I enjoy the nature & being outdoors. I love the nature photography in this book, very real & beautiful.
This book warms my heart & will yours as well.”
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Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“This is the fifth book in a stunning series created by poet Helen Frost and photographer Rick Lieder. Each has been a clear and wondrous look at the beauty to be found in nature.
One of the chicks is the narrator, and asks questions and makes comments on those things that concern and intrigue a newborn. Taking steps, feathering out, discovering delectables and swimming as they encounter their surroundings are beautifully presented in stunning up-close photographs.
This is another perfect collaboration. I am up for more!”
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