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Wait – and See book trailer

Wait – and See is now out in the world, available everywhere books are sold. An intimate look at a praying mantis. Here’s my book trailer:

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Wait – and See debuts!

My latest book with Helen Frost will be available everywhere in just a few days. An intimate look at the life of a praying mantis, Wait – and See is our sixth book from Candlewick […]

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Pollen Smuggler

Pollen Smuggler ____________________________ Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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Late summer

Late summer, last of the fireflies.

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Twilight seduction

Twilight seduction – Flirting with the Moon. Photinus pyralis • Big dipper firefly

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Lights Out, 2020

Lights Out, 2020 ____________________________ Firefly | Photinus pyralis

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Who watches the watchmen?

_______________________ Greater Angle-wing Katydid | Microcentrum rhombifolium

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Crosstown Traffic lights

Crosstown Traffic lights Firefly | Photinus pyralis

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Purple Reign

Purple Reign Cabbage white butterfly | Pieris rapae

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Outrunning the Sun

Outrunning the Sun A honey bee from my backyard hive Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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