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Descent. Downy Woodpecker | Picoides pubescens

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The Walls of Heaven

Like a wizard crafting spells in threes, a gyrfalcon so bright he dissolves the walls of heaven. _____________________________________ Gyrfalcon | Falco rusticolus

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Searching for Spring

A songbird searches for spring, an avian geometer calculates angles of light between late winter afternoons. _____________________________________ Sparrow | Passer domesticus

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No Boundaries

Making up for lost time, an egret leaps into the sun, a showgirl with no boundaries. _____________________________________ Great White Egret | Ardea alba

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Theories of the Wind

A barn owl takes another step in a race to oblivion, my theories of the wind are all blown away. _____________________________________ Barn Owl | Tyto alba

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