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Pollen Smuggler

Pollen Smuggler ____________________________ Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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Watching & Waiting

Watching & Waiting Red squirrel | Tamiascurus hudsonicus

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Outrunning the Sun

Outrunning the Sun A honey bee from my backyard hive Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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No Boundaries

Making up for lost time, an egret leaps into the sun, a showgirl with no boundaries. _____________________________________ Great White Egret | Ardea alba

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Memories of Summer

The pull of a daisy strands a honey bee in orbit, wings reflecting memories of summer. _____________________________________ Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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One Eye Half-Shut

An occasional sojourner in the pocket of a forgotten flower, every nook & hidden place glowing, navigating the underworld with one eye half-shut. _____________________________________ Pavement ant | Tetramorium caespitum

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