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Wild Light Traveling Exhibit

My National Center for Nature Photography Traveling Exhibit “Wild Light” is now on display in the lobby of Toledo’s Government Center.

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Theories of the Wind

A barn owl takes another step in a race to oblivion, my theories of the wind are all blown away. _____________________________________ Barn Owl | Tyto alba

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Waiting for Cupid

Waiting for cupid, she releases old photons into the night, commanding lovers to change direction. _____________________________________ Firefly | Lampyridae | Photinus pyralis

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Strangers meet for the first time, colliding in a spectacular B-movie climax. _____________________________________ Sparrow | Passer domesticus

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So Much Music

A beacon lights the way to a future summer, so much music, so much silence. _____________________________________ Firefly | Lampyridae | Photinus pyralis

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