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Toppling Angels

A star-crossed ant topples angels from their perch before the universe breaks up and winks out. _____________________________________ Eastern black carpenter ant | Camponotus pennsylvanicus

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Sterile Jewels

A garden trespasser waits on a bed of sterile jewels, filtering the strange results of mantid cryptography. _____________________________________ Chinese Praying Mantis | Tenodera aridifolia sinensis

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Dream of Fire

Conscious for half the day, a Honey bee disappears in an unfinished dream of fire. _____________________________________ Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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Sweet Fireball

A honey bee bends the light to her will, a fireball of sweetness confident of a fourth-dimensional escape. _____________________________________ Honey bee | Apis mellifera

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Slumber Party

She blew her tiny mind at a slumber party in my sleepy garden, each leg lost in a different fantasy. _____________________________________ Ladybug | Coccinellidae

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